How it works?

We are a local e-commerce company that offers a unique platform to small businesses/ service providers to help make their businesses known to the local market. We help in enticing potential customers to try the business (in the form of rewards). More customers means increase in sales/service revenue. Sli offers this service to various business industries such as insurance (home insurance, etc.), law services, health services (chiro, physio, eye specialist, dentist, etc.), auto repair services, any home services, food and restaurants (where they spend money, include statistics), beauty, cosmetic and personal care (salons, massages, hair salons, spa), tourism (attractions, entertainment).

  • Marketing

    Business registered on Saharalinks will be marketed by us on traditional and digital media. If business doesn't get any leads from us he'll get his money back. No Questions Asked !

  • Sales

    Customers sent to businesses via our platform are called Sahara Members. These customers books services through the platform and payment is handled by our trusted and secure payment processing system.

  • Rewards

    Saharalinks offers Customers E-wallets. Customers get all their reward points in saved in that wallet which they can use only on the registered business at Sahara which ensures clients coming back and boosting sales

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced and Verified Professionals
  • 24/7 service and deliveries
  • Fresh and latest products
  • Affordable Rates
  • Secure Payment

About Us

Can a whole business complex with a vast variety of products and services fit into your palm? Yes, it can. Sahara Links is a mega-mall within your screen where you can shop for clothing, grocery, and home decor, order food, book show tickets, hire a professional, sell a car, and do so much more. We offer you different categories that cater to all your lifestyle needs.

We deliver you quality products at affordable shipping rates and introduce you to verified top-notch professionals to ensure high-quality services for yourself and your homes.

Buy weekly groceries, from farm-picked vegetables and fruits to fresh bakery at unbelievable rates and get them delivered right to your doorstep or if you want, pick it up from our nearby affiliate store. All the farm produce is stocked daily to deliver it to you fresh.

Search for various top-rated verified professionals from different fields to deliver you quality services at affordable prices. Choose the ones with higher ratings or ones that are closer to your neighborhood. All the professionals are highly trained experts in their field of work.

You can look for professionals from different areas including health and medicine, engineering, architecture, interior design, fitness, mindfulness, and more.

Order food online from your favorite restaurants with exclusive discounts and get them delivered at your doorstep. Or simply check the reviews for a lavish dine-in experience at the next new restaurant nearby.

Get hundreds of options, whether you order in or decide to dine out.

Hire top-rated verified home-improving professionals, right from plumbing and HVAC services to cleaning and gardening. You can choose the highest rated or the ones who are closer to your place.

From clothing to electronics, make-up, or household items, buy all you want from the Marketplace. Shop the latest trends, fashion, and much more from a single platform. And if you feel like you wanted to buy that other one instead, you can return or replace it easily too!

Movies, fairs, events, or theatre! Book tickets to any event around you with just a few clicks. With Sahara Links, you can choose your seats, select timings, and book your tickets to events or movies near you.

Get buyers for your old car, or buy that barely used guitar from a seller. With secure transactions and door-step pick-up or delivery, buy or sell anything from Sahara Links Buy & Sell platform.


if you have any question please call us

+1 - 778-650-3506


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